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Volunteerism for Community Development (VCD)

Volunteerism for Community Development (VCD) Program is the custodian of volunteerism in NCHD.  VCD is also undertaking tasks in connection with achievement of SDGs & Vision 2025. It is directly fulfilling the community participation task as mentioned in the mission of NCHD and which is also a part of the NCHD Ordinance. VCD Program functions as a support program for the implementation of Education and Health initiatives. Volunteers are identified through meetings at Union Council and District levels with the stakeholders and are given training in the implementation of program activities. Each district has registered volunteers providing support in monitoring, trainings, advocacy and resource mobilization. NCHD has always relied on its volunteers’ support over the years. These volunteers developed National Volunteer Corps, Forum of philanthropists, and generated Resources for different activities.

VCD Program activities

  • Raising a National Volunteer Corps of volunteers in all program districts.
  • Mobilization of financial and material resources for conducting of Volunteers activities across the country.
  • Promotion of the NCHD mandate through all activities undertaken by VCD, to all the opinion makers among the stakeholders.
  • To create blood donors groups for emergency response.
  • Provision of internship to the students of renowned institutions of the NCHD program districts.
  • Holding free medical camps
  • School health program for all Community Feeder schools and ALP Schools.
  • Mobilization of all Community Support System for provision of eye glasses and hearing aids to screened children through the School Health Program.
  • Tree plantation.
  • Cleanliness Campaign.
  • Provision of support to UPE in enrolment, dropout prevention and quality education & promotion of games.
  • Provision of support to Literacy for establishment of Adult Literacy Centre.
  • Celebration of National/ International days.
  • Seminar in Schools, Colleges, and Universities for identification and registration of Volunteers.
Provision of relief activities during  disaster i-e earth quake, flood etc.

Tree Plantation Campaign

Recently, NCHD volunteers and field teams have initiated tree plantation campaign at district level planting saplings in the vicinity of Adult Literacy Centers, Feeder schools, Human Development Support Units, and Basic Health Units as well as in government schools.