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Recognizing the fact that Adult Literacy is the key to improve standard of living and quality of human resources, NCHD has been implementing the program with the mission to increase literacy rate to 86% till the year 2015. Its programs for adult literacy were developed keeping in mind the lessons learnt from past failures.

 NCHD sets up Adult Literacy Centers in local communities providing basic literacy skills to the individuals (especially women) in the age group of 11-45, who were either never enrolled before or dropped out of school before acquiring literacy skills.

 The syllabus and textbooks are designed for easy learning and functionality, thereby enhancing retention. Communities are mobilized to provide space as well as the teachers. Women are encouraged particularly to join these centers.

 After the completion of six month course, the learner is able to:

  • Achieve the basic literacy equivalent to grade three
  • Read simple text of Urdu
  • Write a simple letter
  • Manage figures up to four digits-able to add, subtract, multiply and divide





Program Profile

  • Districts covered = 134
  • Establishment of 120,263 Adult Literacy Centers
  • 2.5 million Adults became literate, out which 90% were females
  • Training of more than 150,000 teachers on Adult literacy teaching techniques
  • Training 12000 Literacy Supervisors in Management of literacy centers
  • Training of 2000 professional staff and 100 civil society organizations in the implementation of programme and its management
  • Implementation of post literacy programme, by establishing 3750 Centers, that included an enhanced level of Urdu / Sindhi language proficiency, and teaching English to neo literates, as a pilot project
  • Establishment of 4 Community Learning Centers (CLCs) as a pilot activity in Punjab and NWFP Development of ICT-based Literacy Kit (first ICT-kit in Pakistan), pilot testing in two community Learning Centers