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One of the prime mandates of NCHD is to help Pakistan achieve the Millennium Development Goal-target of 86%literacy by 2015.In order to achieve this goal, the Commission has prioritized  “Education  for  All” and taken a two-pronged.

Approach towards this:

  • Ensuring that all children enroll in schools and retained in schools for the completion of full primary schooling cycle.
  • Dealing with the “back-log” of adult illiterates by implementing literacy programs in communities.

Universal Primary Education (UPE)

Situation of Primary Education in Pakistan is as under:

  • Net enrollment rate is 66%
  • Out of it, 40% children dropout before completing the primary schooling cycle
  • Only one third of the children passing grade five achieve a minimum acceptable level of learning.
 Schools detail                                                                                                                                         


Adult Literacy

NCHD has been implementing the Adult Literacy program

with the mission to help provincial and area governments to increase literacy rate to 86% by the year 2015.