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Pakistan is the first country to establish a Public-Private Partnership to mobilize global resources for Human Development following the Monterrey Conference for the International Financing of Development, March 2002. The Pakistan Human Development Fund (PHDF) is a public-private partnership that channels resources from the Government of Pakistan, private sector and the international donor community, into the NCHD and its programs.
Our Vision

The main objective of the fund is to consolidate efforts towards building human capabilities by supporting various programs and projects in the social sectors for the improvement and enhancement of education and literacy; primary health care; poverty alleviation; development of working skills; improvement of social service delivery. The Fund lends financial and other support to the efforts of the National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) to build the capacity, train and enhance the competency of the government functionaries, elected representatives and non-governmental organizations working in the social sector at the district level. As a result the Government of Pakistan will incur no recurring expenditure. Although the Pakistan Human Development Fund is integral to the NCHD's Global Resource Mobilization program, it is an autonomous organization and a separate legal entity.

Global Support

The Pakistan Human Development Fund is supported by an initial grant of $32 million by the Government of Pakistan, seed capital of $2.5 million by individual philanthropists (expatriate and local Pakistanis), and $1.7 million by UNDP. Other international donor agencies, international foundations and corporate donors have also supported the initiative of Pakistan Human Development Fund.

Transparency & Accountability

An independent Board of Founding Directors, comprised of distinguished Pakistanis of international repute, will manage the Fund. President Islamic Republic of Pakistan is Patron-in-Chief of the Fund. Other patrons include:

Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi
Mr. Moeen Qureshi
Princess Sarvath El Hasan
Ms. Jemima Khan
H. H. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al - Nahayan